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Financial Planning For Your Growing Family

Financial planning for your growing family

As people grow with age, so do their responsibilities. What were our priorities as kids are entirely different from our priorities as responsible adults? The monetary responsibility is one such thing. When we become college graduates, then enter the workforce, we start to think about marriage and family planning. And none of these comes without proper financial planning. Furthermore, this financial planning must keep growing and expanding as the years pass by. So, growing your financial plans for your growing family is a necessity today.

Everything seems to be sorted out when you are just beginning your marriage or having your first child. You have all the finances for varied necessities secured. You even save and invest wisely. But as your family starts growing, you get busier. You do not get sufficient time to reallocate your finance. Everything works on autopilot, including your finance. And that is where things start to get clumsy and disoriented.

Because of these reasons, you must reconsider your finance. It would be best if you found ways and means to safeguard them. You should protect them and ensure that your funds are growing with you and your family.

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Quick Summary

In short, this blog educates and empowers you to take control of your finances and secure your financial future while living in a city like Dubai. You will get to know things about managing your budget, securing an emergency fund, and insurance coverage, and managing & clearing debts. It also emphasizes the need for setting financial goals whether it is for your children’s higher education, retirement or etc., and talks about the benefits of planning your finances.

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Financial planning and analysis

Planning and budgeting, integrated financial planning, management, and performance reporting, and forecasting and modeling are the four tasks that support an organization’s financial health in financial planning and analysis (FP&A). By connecting business strategy to execution, Financial planning, and analysis solutions improve the finance department’s capacity to control performance.

Provide financial insights to help with planning and decision-making.

A financial strategy that forecasts profit and loss is known as financial planning and analysis. In addition, we keep track of our finance and investing activity.

It entails concentrating on budgeting and fiscal management. The goal is to achieve financial independence and stability. Not just for businesses, but individuals as well.

To become financially prepared, everyone must understand the notion of financial planning and analysis.

Financial planning and analysis not only generate reports, projections, and deviations, but also uses the information to provide recommendations on how to enhance performance, reduce risk, and so on.

Here are a few practical steps that you may take to have a better and financially healthier lifestyle.

Managing your budget

Budgeting might seem a trifle too much because it does not sound much technical. And the majority are indeed very excellent at it. But somehow, somewhere, people miss its essential minute details, especially when they are in the middle of a growing family.

Suddenly, the expenses increased. There are many factors behind this. For example, a lot of money is spent on buying the children’s clothes and their accessories, massive expenditure on their extracurricular of school, and dine-outs of around five people at the same time instead of two, that too, very frequently if the culture of the family is so, travel plans and the like.

When these expenses come up suddenly, it becomes challenging to keep track of the current budget. One does not even know how the money gets exhausted so soon. To avoid these circumstances, you should always keep track of your necessities and expenses every month, without fail. When you do so, you will learn to prioritize how you spend and where you spend. Furthermore, this tracking of your expenses will give you immense clarity on your money habits. If you find these habits are unhealthy, that is, you spend a tremendous amount of money on unnecessary things, and you will try to change them and be better at them. And if you see that your money habits are healthy, you will tend to maintain that and even grow with that.

By following this activity, you will find that you are no longer using that subscription you seldom use. You will find that you do not buy a heap of unbelievably expensive clothes in a single month. And you will no longer crave that unhealthy snack every single day. And slowly, you will realize that your finance is in a much better position now. At the same time, your lifestyle has also improved significantly.

To add to it, if you follow budgeting seriously, you will now have more space for more important things in life. There are many benefits when you declutter the unnecessary expenses and the unnecessary products that come with that. By doing so, you will see you have more time and space for even more important things in life. For example, you are spending time with your family and reading stories to your children.


Securing an emergency fund

An emergency fund is the amount of money you keep safe for any urgency that may happen at any time. In today’s time, when everything has become so expensive and the cost of living has become so high, it becomes even more critical. One never knows when an emergency will land. And not having funds then can make the already dreadful situation even more critical. Therefore, you must set aside at least 3 to 6 months of money for any emergency.

These emergencies can be short-term as well as long-term. These are listed below:

Short term emergencies

Unpredictable repair works at home or office like damage to household vehicles, blockage in water supply, and many other such problems. These can cost extremely high and take a long time to be fixed.

Uninsured illness of any member of the family which requires expensive treatment and costly medicines

Flash floods are detrimental to household items.

Burglary at home or private office (if you have one)

Unplanned travel trips

Long term emergencies

Any illness that is life-threatening or will be lifelong and requires regular and expensive treatments. Unfortunately, these treatments, in many cases, can last a lifetime. And these diseases can happen to even more than one family member.

An exceptionally long duration of job loss and thereby having no source of income in that period

Damaging houses and property in natural calamities like floods and landslides

An expensive loan that has become even more costly over a prolonged period

An emergency fund proves to be a boon in such times of fragility. At least you will have some amount to live in such critical periods without financial troubles.

Many banks and financial experts suggest that you should have at least three to six months of cash saved as an emergency fund. Having this fund brings down the financial stress during an emergency to a very minimal level. This also keeps your confidence level up in times of acute vulnerability.

Hence, it is no doubt that a wise financial planner should have their emergency cash secured. But, at the same time, they should always try to keep it growing.

Financial planning for your growing family
Source: Economic Times

Having a wide variety of insurance coverage

With a budding family, you must reassess your insurance coverage. In the initial years of being financially independent or married, what you have opted for in your policy coverage may need many changes in the coming years.

For example, you have policy coverage for your parents and yourself in the initial years of being financially independent. However, if you are the eldest child, it is most probable that you get policy coverage for your younger siblings as well. And since it is the initial years of getting insurance cover for your family, you may not have all types of them secured. For example, you may have a health insurance policy primarily but might be missing term life insurance.

And slowly, your family starts growing. Then, you get married and have a new child. As they grow up, their security in terms of health, education, and overall life becomes so essential for them. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to have distinct types of insurance coverage.

Some of the necessary insurance include health insurance, disability income, term life insurance, and life insurance policy. If you want to be wise in your estimated expenses, covering these insurances are indispensable.


Managing and clearing debts

With the increase in family members, it is quite common to get into debt. But it is incredibly wise to clear off those debts as soon as possible. No one wants to be in any type of debt. Therefore, when such unforeseen circumstances arise, one must be prepared to face them. And being in debt is one such situation.

The primary step to managing dues is not to let it happen in the first place. For this, you must ensure that your expenses are not exceeding your income. You should always keep in check that you are spending in your budget and are not being extravagant.

And if, as is you get into any kind of debt, you must find ways to clear them off. If this clearing-off happens as soon as possible, it is excellent as well as beneficial for you in the long term.

The next step is developing and exploring strategies that will help you in clearing off your debts. First, you must make a list of all the debts you are into and then categorize them according to the time within which you must clear them. Then you should see if these debts can be consolidated and cleared off at lower interest rates. If this is possible, you have been successful in lifting off half of your financial insecurity.

Then there come advanced strategies for clearing off your debts like avalanche and snowball techniques. Once you have learned how to prioritize your finance and ways to set a bar on your debts, it will get easier over time. This technique will lead to your peace of mind and financial stability and financial security in the long term.


Saving enough for retirement

A wise financial planner is one who saves for their retirement starting from exceedingly early in their career. It becomes even more critical in today’s world, where everything is so uncertain and expensive.

But as the family grows, this activity can also be adulterated. You get busy, and most of the things going on in your life start happening on autopilot. Things going on autopilot can hamper your retirement savings habits and thus can lead to inferior quality of life in your old age. And obviously, it is something no one wants to encounter.

To save for your retirement in an extremely healthy and fruitful way, you must increase the amount you save for retirement each month. This will not happen quickly. It may take months or even years to be consistent with this habit and continually build upon it.

If you want to save smartly, you should increase the amount of saving from the last time you saved by even a minimal amount. It might seem very unnecessary in the short term. But as the years pass by, you will realize that this shift in the pattern of saving has given birth to a large amount of money in your savings account. That too in your retirement savings account. This is an achievement every millennial of the 21st century wants in their life.

But suppose you are not well equipped with financial knowledge and how financial things work in today’s world. In that case, you must approach a financial advisor. When you are confused about any financial decision or even about your retirement planning, going to a financial advisor is the best thing you can do. A financial advisor has a deeper understanding of the financial world and thereby can help you sort out your retirement goals and the strategies to achieve them. In addition, they will help you in making rational decisions while saving for your retirement.

You should approach a wealth management firm like us if you come from a very wealthy background and are an individual of extremely high net worth. We provide wealth management services that are highly customized and are very fruitful in your wealth management journey. These services become even more essential if you are looking for a healthy retirement plan.


Saving for your children's college

Our children do, too, like we had dreams about college and the fun times that come with it. But this time, since we are parents, the college time of our kids has its challenges. It comes along with the worries about the fees and funds for it. To allocate these funds, saving is the best way.

Meticulously planning to contribute regularly to the different college savings accounts is the key to accumulating more funds. You can contribute monthly, and in case you wish to increase the amount that you deposit in your savings, there is an ingenious way to achieve it. It is always good and beneficial to mechanize your deposit. You can do so by gradually increasing the amount of your monthly contribution each year by, say, $30.

Additionally, your friends and family can also contribute to your savings account through the presents they give to your children on special occasions.

The gist of this point is that safeguarding early for your children’s education is so important. Moreover, its importance levels up, notably if you are considering growing your financial plans for your growing family.

Avenues to spend in Dubai are numerous

These points become even more valid and crucial if you are someone who lives in the UAE. Particularly Dubai. It is because Dubai has many avenues to spend money. It is famous for gold and tall buildings or site seeing multiple places. From desert to an extensive and happening megacity life, people have a lot of options. It is because of all these avenues, many tourists from all over the world visit Dubai. But if you are an ex-pat in Dubai, being true to the points mentioned above is much more significant than you can ever imagine.

You will find no better firm than Quadra Wealth to help you out by giving advice and stating plans to tackle your financial situation in a better way.

The extremely excessive cost of living in Dubai

Since there are numerous avenues to spend monetary in Dubai, the cost of living is extremely high there. Not just because of the varied avenues to spend your cash, it is also the quality of life the people in Dubai live. Living in a city itself is very costly. Not to talk of a megacity that has so many hassles and happenings running every day. Furthermore, Dubai is well equipped with all the luxurious facilities one can have and enjoy. And since most of the people in Dubai are wealthy and therefore can afford such luxurious facilities, their cost of living is even higher. Thus, the points mentioned earlier growing financial planning for your growing family are essential for such people.

Benefits of planning your finance

Benefits of planning your finance

Boost your savings

Without a financial strategy, it may be feasible to save your bucks. However, it may not be the most efficient method. You gain a lot of insight into your income and expenses when you make a financial plan. You can keep track of your expenditure and consciously reduce them. In the long run, this will naturally enhance your savings.


Benefit from a higher standard of living.

Most people believe that to make their monthly budget bills and EMI repayments, they will have to reduce their level of living. On the contrary, if you have a sound financial plan in place, you won’t have to sacrifice your lifestyle. It is feasible to achieve your objectives while maintaining a reasonable standard of living.


Be ready in case of an emergency.

Putting together an emergency fund is an important part of financial estimations. You must have a reserve that is equal to at least 6 months of your monthly wage in this case. You won’t have to worry about finding capital in the event of a family emergency or a job loss this way. The emergency fund might assist you in meeting a variety of obligations on time.


Obtain mental tranquility

You can cover your monthly costs, invest in your future objectives, and spend a bit for yourself and your family without fear if you have enough funds. Planning your finance allows you to manage your hard-earned cash effectively while also providing you with peace of mind. If you haven’t reached this point yet, don’t worry. If you follow the path of planning your finance, you will arrive at financial tranquillity in no time.


Planning your finance for retirement

Your retirement could be 25 or 30 years away. However, this does not imply that you should plan for it when you retire. You must begin establishing your safety net now if you want to live a happy and comfortable retirement life. Early planning can help you safeguard your financial future in the face of financial uncertainty. Also, if you start early, you can benefit from the force of compounding, which can help you develop a large enough corpus over a 25-30 year period.



If we live on this planet, especially in today’s world, it has become necessary to check our finances and find ways to improve them continually. The lifestyle of today’s world is such that one cannot survive with peace and mental stability unless one finds ways and means to manage their finances perfectly.

But managing your funds comes with its challenges and difficulties. Though it will not matter much if people are willing to learn and improve, nothing is impossible. So be it growing financial planning for your growing family. One must always keep looking for improvement in any area they find not up to the mark.

Thus, to make your and your family’s future safe and tension-free contact Quadra Wealth now.

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Financial planning is the process of creating a roadmap for your finances, including setting financial goals, creating a budget, and investing for the future.

Financial planning is important because it helps you gain clarity on your income and expenses, identify areas where you can save money, set specific savings goals, and create a plan to achieve them. It can also help you maintain or improve your standard of living, prepare for emergencies, and achieve financial security and freedom.

To create a financial plan, you should start by assessing your current financial situation, setting financial goals, creating a budget, and identifying areas where you can save money. You may also want to consider investing for the future and creating an emergency fund.

While it is possible to create a financial plan on your own, you may want to consider seeking professional help from a financial advisor or planner. They can provide expert advice and guidance on creating a personalized financial plan that meets your specific needs and goals.

It is recommended that you review your financial plan at least once a year or whenever there are significant changes in your financial situation, such as a job loss, a change in income, or a major life event. Regularly reviewing and updating your financial plan can help ensure that it remains relevant and effective in achieving your goals.

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