Why it is critical for UAE residents to save for their children’s higher education


In this 21st century, competition is so high in every sector and industry. Above all, most of us are under so much pressure not only to earn well, compete, and achieve but also to survive. And this competition is increasing day by day. To have a better chance in the competition, higher education with the required skill plays a very vital role. However, the cost of higher education is rising every year no matter where or what one opts for higher studies. This could be due to demand, specialization, or just because of inflation. One of the solution is investing in children’s education plans.

Expats in UAE

In search of a better opportunity and financial growth, a lot of people relocate to UAE. In fact, majority of the UAE’s population are expats. As per the latest statistics, 88% of UAE residents are expats. It is very interesting considering that the total population of UAE is approx. 10 million. All the expats come here with a dream. Dream to be financially independent. Dream to give their family a lot more than what their home country could.

Many expats have made UAE their home country. Certainly, they come here with their family or start a family while working here. As a part of their dreams, one of their biggest dreams is to see one’s child to be successful in their respective field. To achieve this dream, giving their children the best of education becomes vital. However, in reality, it does not happen in most cases. Most of the UAE’s expats fail to save enough which will fund their children’s higher education.

Let us understand some of the reasons why they fail:

  • High cost of living: Even though UAE does not have income tax, the cost of living is quite high. Most of the time, we undermine other costs or expenses associated with staying in its cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. High rent is one of the areas where most of the salary or earnings directs to. Earning high does not assure extra savings in this country. UAE caters to all classes of people. From luxury to necessity.
  • Procrastination: Most of the expats delay in taking action. In addition, they assume they will start savings in the future when they will have enough ‘spare’ money to invest in. They forget that this tomorrow will be today one day. Sometimes, the mistake of assuming that children are still young and have enough time to accumulate or save for their higher education. One should be very clear, the moment the child is born, irrespective of the amount which they can spare, they should start.
  • Priorities: It’s just a choice of life and priorities.  Some expats ignore about their future. They don’t understand that they will most probably not live in Dubai their whole life. They need to think ahead and plan. With what do they want to leave when you go back home? Empty pockets or even worse, in debt? Or with enough money to ensure an easier life when is retirement time? PRIORITIES!
  • Low Awareness: Some expats even though understand the importance of savings for children’s higher education, fail to initiate because of not having adequate knowledge as to where to proceed. Not having proper guidance on the different plans to achieve their goal contributes in failing them towards savings for their children’s higher education.
  • Peer pressure: This is probably the biggest issue with wealthy expats. They get influenced by materialistic around their peers. This problem is not only limited to a city like Dubai but also Singapore, New York, and Tokyo.

Meanwhile, over time some achieve it while some fail!

Whether one executes or fails to execute, irrespective, one day one’s child will be ready for higher education. That is the time where a major financial obligation comes into play. Good higher education is not cheap in most of the world. Having stayed in UAE with a wonderful lifestyle, the most common wish at this time is to send their beloved to the most preferred higher education destination – primarily US, Canada, UK, and Australia.


With high cost of living in UAE and the ever-rising cost of higher education, it is very critical to start investing in children education plan as early as possible. In conclusion, just like any other expense, some amount should be kept aside on a monthly, quarterly, yearly or lumpsum basis. Plan and take the first step to give your child the platform to fly and reach the pinnacle.

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