10 Reasons Why Should You Hire A Financial Advisor

10 reasons why should you hire a financial advisor

It is important for everyone to have the right financial planning so that you can live your life free of financial worries. However, a lot of us are unable to interpret the not so easy to understand financial system and end up making the wrong investment planning or choices that jeopardize our future financial security. 

If you don’t have the proper understanding of the complexities of financial planning, and if you have been overloaded with too much information and none makes sense to you. Then it’s time you should consider hiring a Financial Advisor to manage your investment and finances.

Your financial advisor would do a deep analysis to understand your current financial health and accordingly would pave the way for you to have the right financial planning for the future. This will help you to achieve your future financial goals.

It is in the best interest of your financial advisor to understand the challenges you might have pertaining to managing your finances and will help to make it simple for you by defining a result-oriented financial strategy that you can follow to secure your future financial being.

The 10 reasons .........

1. Your financial advisor will assess your finances accurately.

It’s not easy to take out time and try to understand something out of your forte, like financial planning. Somethings should be left with the experts. A doctor is someone you should consult when it comes to your physical health and a financial advisor is someone you should consult for your financial health.

Most people spend more than they can afford and invest less than they should. Consulting with your financial advisor will help you understand your expenses as per your income accurately and will also provide you with a clear picture that would make you financially aware as to where you stand in the present. This will help you to focus on needs and not wants.

2. Personalized financial strategy

The one-size-fits-all strategy doesn’t work with financial planning. Your financial advisor will develop a result-oriented financial strategy that will be aligned with your financial goals as well as it’ll fit with your current income.

In the ongoing process, you would notice the results as you notice considerable wealth accumulation. A personalized financial strategy will also help you be financially disciplined and committed to your financial goals.

3. Defining short-term & medium to long-term financial goals

A financial strategy is incomplete without a goal, and thus, a financial advisor would help you define your short-term and medium to long-term financial goals. It can be buying a house, buying a car, marriage, starting a business, retirement planning, children’s higher education, wealth creation, international vacation, or anything which requires budgeting.

Don’t shy away from explaining your goals to your financial advisor, he or she will work out a plan that will help you to achieve it sooner than you might have expected.

4. Guiding you through life’s transitions financially

As you grow, there are different phases of life that you’ll pass, and your finances will play an integral part in these transitions. Your financial advisor will help you prepare for these life transitions so that you do not end up in the financial doldrums when it knocks on your door. Major life transitions for most of us are –

a)       Children College Fee (You can find why it is so critical for UAE residents to plan for children’s higher education by clicking here)

b)      Marriage

c)       Family planning

d)      Starting a business

e)      Buying a house

f)        Divorce

g)       Inheritance

h)      Retirement Planning

5. Helping you choose right investment products

There are numerous investment products and choices available today that weren’t there earlier which makes the financial market a little too complicated. It is almost improbable for a person without a financial background to have a comprehensive sense of the financial markets/products.

This is precisely where the expertise and experience of the financial advisor come into play as they advise you on which investment products are right for you and which ones to avoid.

6. Stop you from making common financial mistakes

Your financial advisor will save you from investing in financial instruments that are not right for you. It’s in his best interest to do so. Without his/her professional assistance, you may end up making financial mistakes that will cost you big time.

At Quadra Wealth we believe and help you identify that your choice towards the investment products should be contributing towards your financial goals.

7. Shed light on the basics of proper budgeting.

We tend to overspend in our day-to-day life, and it results in little to no savings at the end of the month. If you continue to lead the same lifestyle without financial awareness, it can be disastrous.

At Quadra Wealth we help you understand the importance as well as fundamentals of budgeting so that you can cut down on expenses that aren’t so necessary and focus on savings.

8. Guide you through debt consolidation

Your financial advisor will not only help you with financial planning but will also guide you through the process of debt consolidation.

It is observed that in most cases, debt piles up due to financial mismanagement, and your financial advisor at Quadra Wealth will help you avoid that by infusing fiscal discipline in you and also help you focus on budgeting, savings, and wealth creation.

9. Take advantage of the experience & expertise of your financial advisor

Your Financial Advisor will have years of experience in the business world that has contributed to their professional expertise. No matter how much you try to learn from the internet, read financial magazines, or watch financial news, it would be no match to the financial wisdom and insight that a financial advisor has.

It’s what helps your financial advisor to simplify financial planning for you while not compromising on its effectiveness.

10. Learn about market analysis, research and current trends.

Your Financial Advisor at Quadra Wealth stays updated about the latest from the world of finance as well as to conducts in-depth market and financial research and analysis. It helps them to develop financial strategies for you as well and identify profitable investment opportunities.

It is what gives your Financial Advisor an added advantage over laymen in terms of economic prowess and enables them to provide personalized financial strategies to the clients.


These are the few reasons you should consider hiring a financial advisor. Though charges are important however the benefits are more important which are offered by a financial advisor, which has the potential to change your life for good financially.

Call your friend for life/financial advisor at Quadra Wealth today for a free consultation.

About Khalid Shamim

Khalid Shamim has been in the financial industry since 2004. He believes his previous tenure with ABN AMRO Bank, Dubai and UAM (Universal Asset Management), Geneva were an ideal foundation for his work as a wealth manager.

Qualified to CISI (Chartered Institute of Securities & Investments), UK and always ready to help expats align their investments and create wealth through Structured Notes.

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